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Popular Platforms and Groups For Product Enthusiast

In order to excel in any career it is crucial one interact or follow the like minded people. The same principle applies in the product management also and in order to do so I tried to collate the important blogs, and groups which a product management enthusiast can follow on different platforms to stay competent in the industry. Blogs: Product That Count : Here you will get the fresh and relevant podcast conducted by the experienced product managers at best companies of the world. Product Talk :  Here you will learn about the product planning and ample number of workshops to get your hand dirty. Inside Intercom : Here you will get the world class tips for the product design and blogs on many trending PM practices. Groups : Product Management Networking Group PM Community — Product/Portfolio/Program/Project Manager 280 Group: Product Management and Product Marketing Product Development & Management Association (PDMA)   In the next blog we will see which are the hottest job roles an

What is Product Management

  Product Management  If you are new to product management and looking for the opportunity in this field then you have landed at the right place. Let's begin this journey by getting familiar with what is actually product management( PM ). PM is a role where the candidate has to research the market find the pain points of the users and finally craft the roadmap of how to achieve the final product by working with different teams like UI/UX designer, engineering team, sales representative, and the management of the organization. In simple words, I would say you are giving birth to a product. One in a PM role must have the right balance of soft and hard skills. Soft Skills : Communication Presentation Leadership Hard Skills : Prioritization Analytical Problem Solving Critical Thinking Thought Clarity In the next blog, we will see how to improve on the above skills and the best online courses which are available.