Securonix SOAR powered by Design Thinking

Overview Information is the most important asset for any organization, and the clients across the industry are spending handsome amounts in protecting that. Clients form blue and red teams, which go head-on to ensure the organization's IT infrastructure is cyber resilient. Blue team is a team of security professionals within a Security Operations Center(SOC) whose task is to protect the organization's information and critical assets against any kind of threat. Red team is a team of security professional who tries to break into the systems by overcoming security controls. Understanding Client - SOC SOC consists primarily of a team of security analyst who works together in a 24*7 work environment to detect, analyze, respond, report, and prevents cybersecurity incidents.  A typical SOC infrastructure has IPS/IDS, firewalls, security incident and event management (SIEM), vulnerability scanning engines, endpoint protection tools, and other breach detection tools.   Current Environme

Guerilla Marketing - A Powerful Tool To Build A Strong Brand Recall Value

  "What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another"  Mahatma Gandhi.  Probably the above quote fits more than true in the COVID times as the way humans have ruthlessly killed the wild animals and destroyed forest in the same way nature also rewind human life. To sensitize people toward wildlife and environment preservation, organizations like World Wide Fund (WWF) for nature have been working since 1961.  WWF is the world's largest wildlife and nature conservation organization, with over 5 million supporters worldwide, working in more than 100 countries, and supporting around 3000 conservation and environmental projects. These numbers would have been easy to digest if I would have talked about World Wide Wrestling(WWE) but for the conservation of wildlife and nature, an organization needs to do something more . And that more, in this case ,  is coming up with a creative marketing strategy in ord

Learn about FAB - A Game Changer

  FAB  If you are designing a UI/UX for a digital product you will come across many go to terms and might end up awestruck. Among the many go to terms used while you design UI/UX, I decided to discuss the FAB  and the very reason behind is that it holds a very important strategic position in the whole product. To begin with let's start with the description of the name itself, so FAB stands for Floating Action Button . To give you an example I included a snapshot below where you can the see one of the use cases of FAB . In this use case FAB   is used to give the users a easy way to use the primary utility of the product like setting reminder, composing email etc. Lets see some of the peculiarities of the FAB  : A FAB   represents the primary action on a screen. Design of the FAB  should be relevant to the screen on which it is displayed. It floats to all the screens of the product. Do's and Don'ts  While you use FAB button in your product it is very important to give justic

Top Jobs In Product Management

  Finding a right job in a right company is very crucial in order to take your learning to a next level. Specific to the product management profile you can target the below companies as they not only give you a competitive compensation but also put you out of your comfort zone which will definitely help you to identify your hidden potential. 1. Amazon : At Amazon you have ample opportunities to explore under the different verticals like PM in technology, category management, analytics etc. Check out all the categories here . 2. Google : At Google you will great profiles and the opportunity to work in very innovative projects as a PM. Check out all the product managers roles here . 3. Myntra : Myntra offers very lucrative compensation to their product managers and very challenging environment where you explore many things in UX design and UX user experience. Click here to apply now !!! 4. Flipkart : This company is one of the most sought among applicants as it one of the best internet

Popular Platforms and Groups For Product Enthusiast

In order to excel in any career it is crucial one interact or follow the like minded people. The same principle applies in the product management also and in order to do so I tried to collate the important blogs, and groups which a product management enthusiast can follow on different platforms to stay competent in the industry. Blogs: Product That Count : Here you will get the fresh and relevant podcast conducted by the experienced product managers at best companies of the world. Product Talk :  Here you will learn about the product planning and ample number of workshops to get your hand dirty. Inside Intercom : Here you will get the world class tips for the product design and blogs on many trending PM practices. Groups : Product Management Networking Group PM Community — Product/Portfolio/Program/Project Manager 280 Group: Product Management and Product Marketing Product Development & Management Association (PDMA)   In the next blog we will see which are the hottest job roles an

What is Product Management

  Product Management  If you are new to product management and looking for the opportunity in this field then you have landed at the right place. Let's begin this journey by getting familiar with what is actually product management( PM ). PM is a role where the candidate has to research the market find the pain points of the users and finally craft the roadmap of how to achieve the final product by working with different teams like UI/UX designer, engineering team, sales representative, and the management of the organization. In simple words, I would say you are giving birth to a product. One in a PM role must have the right balance of soft and hard skills. Soft Skills : Communication Presentation Leadership Hard Skills : Prioritization Analytical Problem Solving Critical Thinking Thought Clarity In the next blog, we will see how to improve on the above skills and the best online courses which are available.