Top Jobs In Product Management


Finding a right job in a right company is very crucial in order to take your learning to a next level. Specific to the product management profile you can target the below companies as they not only give you a competitive compensation but also put you out of your comfort zone which will definitely help you to identify your hidden potential.

1. Amazon: At Amazon you have ample opportunities to explore under the different verticals like PM in technology, category management, analytics etc. Check out all the categories here.
2. Google: At Google you will great profiles and the opportunity to work in very innovative projects as a PM. Check out all the product managers roles here.
3. Myntra: Myntra offers very lucrative compensation to their product managers and very challenging environment where you explore many things in UX design and UX user experience. Click here to apply now !!!
4. Flipkart: This company is one of the most sought among applicants as it one of the best internet companies based out of India. It offers mind boggling perks and compensation. Check the official PDF provided by Flipkart to prepare for the PM role. Apply here.
5. Microsoft: This company has varieties of PM roles be it from tech product to gaming. Check out all the opened job roles for PM here.

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