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Securonix SOAR powered by Design Thinking

Overview Information is the most important asset for any organization, and the clients across the industry are spending handsome amounts in protecting that. Clients form blue and red teams, which go head-on to ensure the organization's IT infrastructure is cyber resilient. Blue team is a team of security professionals within a Security Operations Center(SOC) whose task is to protect the organization's information and critical assets against any kind of threat. Red team is a team of security professional who tries to break into the systems by overcoming security controls. Understanding Client - SOC SOC consists primarily of a team of security analyst who works together in a 24*7 work environment to detect, analyze, respond, report, and prevents cybersecurity incidents.  A typical SOC infrastructure has IPS/IDS, firewalls, security incident and event management (SIEM), vulnerability scanning engines, endpoint protection tools, and other breach detection tools.   Current Environme