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Learn about FAB - A Game Changer

  FAB  If you are designing a UI/UX for a digital product you will come across many go to terms and might end up awestruck. Among the many go to terms used while you design UI/UX, I decided to discuss the FAB  and the very reason behind is that it holds a very important strategic position in the whole product. To begin with let's start with the description of the name itself, so FAB stands for Floating Action Button . To give you an example I included a snapshot below where you can the see one of the use cases of FAB . In this use case FAB   is used to give the users a easy way to use the primary utility of the product like setting reminder, composing email etc. Lets see some of the peculiarities of the FAB  : A FAB   represents the primary action on a screen. Design of the FAB  should be relevant to the screen on which it is displayed. It floats to all the screens of the product. Do's and Don'ts  While you use FAB button in your product it is very important to give justic